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Default Re: So how do you... from a hookah noob

I like to mix flavors depending on how they smoke so they compliment each other through an entire pull.
for exmp;some flavors hit you instantly on the inhale, some hit you on the exhale, some have an aftertaste.And all of them have some form of a flvor on each of those 3 parts through an entire pull off the hookah.

Also If a flavor has a downside to it like a bitter aftertaste, but does have a great taste on the inhale you'll want to mix it with something that has a great taste on the exhale and has a sweet aftertaste.

Or lets say you have a flavor that is all on the exhale no taste up front no aftertaste.
you'll want to mix it with something that has a great up front taste and an aftertaste.

This kind of mixing will give you some interesting combo's but makes for great complex and dynamic flavors that leave no stone unturned and your taste buds dancing.
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