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Default Re: Is this an MZ?

Originally Posted by jvminner View Post
Thank you, thank you. Saw the stamp but didn't know if it was MZ or not. Couldn't read it from underneth. They're asking 100 for them don't know if that'd be any cheaper than ordering from john or somewhere with shipping.
That looks like a MZ to me, particularly looks a bit like the Horas. The globe stamp in the tray is a dead giveaway. The one in the photo has the same base as mine does, only mine is red and the hose mine came with is different as well. $100 seems like a bit much. How tall is the stem? I have a 36" double pear that I paid $80-something for when I ordered from John.

The only thing about the hookah at your local shop that differs from most MZs I've seen is the purge valve. That one appears (best I can tell) hexagonal in shape with a tip, whereas most of the ones I've seen have a bulbous shape to them.
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