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Hey Guys, hope all are well. Regarding bad coals, as stated before there are no more bad coals on the market. Since that bad batch we had almost 2-3 months ago now, everything has been perfect. Devils does not have bad batches, actually no one has. Regarding breaking, we have heard it breaking sometimes but we have fixed that issue as well. The new and improved exotica get released march 1 2008. It is going to be stronger, harder, longer lasting, still no taste as before and now that molding line that has caused some breakage is removed so there shall no longer be any breakage at all..... You will know it is the new batch as the new ones will have a upc symbol on it.

Please everyone, due to the fact that Exoticas are natural, please cook it all the way. I say 4 minutes side one and 1-2 mins on the other side. Make sure coal is completely cooked so you wont taste the wood.. There are no chemicals in the coals so there should be no issues. Hope this helps. Sorry I havent been online alot lately but that was due to me getting ready to release the new items as well as the improving process of the coals.

Also, online, there are no more bad coals. All coals are good, HS has perfect ones, Devils Playground has perfect ones, Don Bubba has perfect ones, Nazar Hookahs, JR Hookahs, Texas Wholesale, and the list goes on and on.. (Sorry if I missed anyone.) All coals are now tested daily. Also, due to the fact that it is natural, please keep the coals in a dry place. Humidity and coals are not a good combo

Always remember you can contact me via email at

Thank you

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