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Default Re: Am i a newbie? Help!!

The water level is 1 inch approx. above the stem.[*]The tobacco molasses isn't overwelming the bowl, it's a fair amount.[*]The charcoals are quick-lite type, you just light them 3secs and they start sparkling alone for around 25secs untill they're "done" (ready).[*]The aluminium foil is fairly distributed over the bowl, tight as a drum and with reasonable holes.
[/LIST][LIST][*]1. Check for leaks by the grommets and check that purge valve is not stuck open or missing the ball bearing.[*]2.Bowl type and tobacco type would be helpful presume it is a Egyptian bowl Fluff tobacco up and sprinkle lightly into bowl to just under the rim.[*]3. make sure the coal is fully lit even with quick-lights Ashed over before placing on foil or try to smoke with.[*]4. Try poking the holes with a toothpick poke down through the tobacco to the base of the bowl[*]5. Water level seems good[*]6. Check for blockages in the hose.[*]7.How many layers of foil and is it standard foil or HD foil.[*]8. Please note that different tobaccos respond to different heat management techniques to get the flavor and clouds.look in the how too section as to the type of tobacco you are using for tips on heat management for that tobacco.[/LIST]
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