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Default Re: Social Smoke hookah bag

Originally Posted by austinthecity
I thought the HS bags had the straps on the inside to strap your hookah in...
They do...They're COMPLETE GARBAGE! USELESS...I had made a thread of this situation not too long ago. They had sent me a shitty bag for my $200 Mya that I had just finished purchasing. They were supposed to send me a hard case like all Mya's get, but ended up sending me this shitty bag under the excuse that "supposedly" my specific Mya was to tall for a hard carrying case. Which in the end was total BS since I eventually purchased a Mya case myself, and it fits just fine.

I don't want to have to go through all that drama again just to protect my hookah, so I wanted to see if anyone could tell me if the social smoke ones are worth buying or not...

And yeah, those ridiculous it's not even funny. They're made out of cheap and weak velcro. I tried straping my Mya in them but two problems appeared. First, the hookah was too short to reach the top strap. So this means the hookah would've been flying everyhwere since the top and entire mid section of the stem was just free floating. Mind you, this is a 30 inch Mya we're talking about.

Then the bottom strap was so cheap and weak that the slightest tug or tilt of the hookah would make it come apart. Now try to imagine a hookah that has to be carried inside this kind of a bag on a daily basis to smoke outdoors. The inevitable would eventually happen, which is broken vase. Vases are expensive nowadays, specially for Mya's...
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