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Originally Posted by ************* View Post
i would rather members who have purchased them give you an unbiased opinion, scoop purchased one and foibled has examined them thoroughly. these are season hookah smokers and have owned multiple hookahs over the year, they would be the best to ask since they are not in the industry of selling them and will have nothing to gain by telling you the honest truth about these. happy hunting!
good call and agreed.

the new temsah (i have the world cup) is a damn good hookah. its solid, the inner tube is all brass. the hose port is big, the purge is good. i cant say anything bad. even the temsah hose that came with it was really good (with bored out acrylic tips).

i have more than a few kms. none of them are bad. some have better welds than others, some have brass inner tubes, some dont. from the newer kms, none have brass inner tubes, which kinda sucks. in terms of how they smoke, none are worse than others. i like the trimetals alot. the chiller aspect is useless imo besides aesthetics.

it depends what you want to spend. some kms are cheaper than temsahs, but i feel for the price the world cup temsah is a better purchase. its really about what you like aesthetically and how much money you want to spend.
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