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Default Re: Social Smoke hookah bag

Originally Posted by austinthecity
I just can't imagine how much bouncing around you're going to put this hookah through when carrying it...

IMO, if you can't be sure someone else can do something for you, do it yourself. Go to UPS or FEDEX and buy some big bubble wrap and make yourself a base pouch with bubble wrap and tape. Then when it's in your carrying case, it will be more protected. Unless you are throwing the bag from person to person, I think a normal gym bag would be fine.

If not, GL with the SS bag, it looks a lot tighter and also adjustable.
That's a good suggestion, but seems like too much work and too ghetto...I also transport my hookah in my car (obviously). Do you know how many *** holes and uneven roads there are in Miami? Plenty to break a fragile glass vase in the trunk and then some! I can tell you don't smoke outdoors...
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