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Default Re: Social Smoke hookah bag

Originally Posted by HookahMaster

That's a good suggestion, but seems like too much work and too ghetto...I also transport my hookah in my car (obviously). Do you know how many *** holes and uneven roads there are in Miami? Plenty to break a fragile glass vase in the trunk and then some! I can tell you don't smoke outdoors...
I never have, but I plan on it soon. It may be a little more work, but I think I'm going to go the toolbox route for my KM.

My rough layout in my mind is: (from bottom of toolbox to top)

egg crate foam (points up)
lay stem diagonally
egg crate foam (points down)
then I'll lay the base on top of that and just wrap it in bubble wrap.

I plan on carrying a cheap "bookbag" (one of the ones that is just a pouch and two strings to go around your arms) for supplies, but I think that will keep my hookah pretty safe. Plus, when I'm not carrying it, the 2 foam layers and bubble wrap will just stay in the box..
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