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Default Re: Help me! First Experience Overpacking Nakhla

Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
pack it normally...problem solved lol
Its amazing how many people screw up nakhla.I could litterly pack a bowl of nakhla blind folded.And get great results.LOL

I'm gonna redue my nakhla packing thread soon.With 3-4 different bowl.and with pics.
shallow wide bowl--mya standard--regular small egyptian--large mod bowl

the shallow wide is still done the same that one was just a little messy.
The lining up of the holes first really helps.

I've done some recent experimenting with these other bowls and have made some interesting discovery's..The pics will scare people LOL

The best is the large mod bowl discovery,I basically pack it like its a shallow wide and cram 50g+ in it.Then reem out all six holes huge style so you can see through each one.A few more tooth pick size holes double foil and use 2-3 coconaras and maybee a wind cover depending on indoors outdoors.The smoke flavor and clouds are unreal.

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