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Default Re: Help me! First Experience Overpacking Nakhla

Dee I went and found your video.Pretty good work.I would of used maybee another %50 more tobacco though.LOL!And used much bigger holes.
You poked holes right for what you did though.
Try using 3 half peices of coal on that bowl if you haven't already.
Also if there coconara's try doubling up on the foil.I find they burn too hot for every tobacco but they give off so much heat the double foil works perfect with them.
Actually I use double foil with any coconut coal.It just works better mang. heat with coconut coals.

I'm gonna do those pics tomorow.Dee I'll take extra detailed picks of the mod-bowl packing so maybee you can do a vid on it with the first test.That would be awsome.
I'm gonna catch so much flack from the pics if no one tries it and makes a vid.
Seriouslly Super overpack to the extreame and beyond with holes as wide as a bic pen.But once you try it you'll know why.
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