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Default OK I finally decided to watch some HP vids

I watched a few of the vids,like how to pack different bowls and tobacco's and what not and I'm pretty blown away At how things are done around here.

What you guys must be joking.Please tell me that you guys don't actually pack your bowl like that.

Now I'm not gonna claim that I'm the greatest hookah master of all time.But I have been smoking hookah for 14 years and learned from my good egyptain freinds long ago.And no one sprinkles nakhla or even Al fahker.And yes the tobacco is supposed to touch the foil.

I was really shocked by the vids.No wonder so many people want to add something to the water or use a fruitbowl or do some other trick to get more flavor from there hookah.Its because there not packing there bowls right. LOL.

sorry this is funny to me don't take it personal.

and double funny the comments for the vids going right along confirming it LOL!

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