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Default Re: OK I finally decided to watch some HP vids

Sorry guys I didn't mean it to be taken as an insult.
Rather I was just really suprised to see how the different ways people pack there shisha.
Now let me say that the vids are really great and very informative and if it works for you then great.Its just very different than how I have been shown and doing shisha for a long time and was kinda a shock too me.Maybee thats why I don't like starbuzz It needs to be sprinkled sparinglly and never touch the foil.That Kind of thinking never occured to me.I never seen it before

anyways guys please don't take it personal like I stated at first I was in a state of shock.If thats what works for you guys then great.And having the vidios are a great asset.Its great folks are willing to put there time and energy into these vids.

what I think of as good smoke would probly be conidered harsh by many.So yes its a personal preferance as to how you pack your shisha and smoke it getting the desired affect you prefere.I just prefere a strong smoke.And occasional smoke with out foil at all.

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