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Default Re: Buying New Tobacco Soon. Any Suggestions?

Originally Posted by AngriestPhx View Post
Glad your Cafe Istanbul transaction went well sans the old man. He's never yelled at me for sniffing shisha (he has to several other people I know). He yelled at me because I took a leaky KM hose back. He was furious and was claiming that there was no leak but there was. Also, I bought a KM vase from their store. I took in my KM Pear and KM Chiller stem to find one that fits. He takes the stems from me, puts electrical tape on them and then tried to charge me extra for the electrical tape. When i tried to get my stems back he yelled "you!!! sit down!!!" I'm 6'5" and being yelled at by an old man half my size was humbling. I had someone translate for me, saying that this is something that I already know how to do for I have been smoking hookah for 8 years.

Anyways, I took the vase home, tried it once, and noticed that the opening of the glass has a noticeable curve. I took it back, battled with the old man for about 5-10 minutes, and finally walked out of their with a better vase. I've been going to Cafe Istanbul since they first opened and I noticed he is getting more and more grumpy as the years go by.
Haha thats a funny story. He does seem kinda grumpy so i know what you are talkin about
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