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Default Help with AF tobacco....

Ok so here is my problem. As soon as i start smoking i get a tingle in the back of my throat and there is hardly any smoke at all. I try taking one of the coals off but it doesnt go away. So next i tried starting with two coals. Same problem.

I pack my bowl like i always do (lightly sprinkling it in). I use HD foil with 2 to 3 rows of cirlces with holes evenly spaced apart. then i place 3 coals around the outer edge of the bowl. I have AF natural coals and diamante jap coals.

I make sure the coals are fully lit before placing them on the bowl. (at least 10 minutes on the burner)

I have not had a pleasant smoke with strong flavor, no tingle, and lots of smoke for a while now.

Is it the coals or is there a special way to pack the bowl with AF tobacco?

I used to use coconaras and i never had a bad smoke with them so maybe i just need to go buy some more of those?

Any help would be great. Thank you
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