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Default Re: Help with AF tobacco....

Originally Posted by mybrohshi5 View Post
Ok so here is my problem. As soon as i start smoking i get a tingle in the back of my throat and there is hardly any smoke at all. I try taking one of the coals off but it doesnt go away. So next i tried starting with two coals. Same problem.

I pack my bowl like i always do (lightly sprinkling it in). I use HD foil with 2 to 3 rows of cirlces with holes evenly spaced apart. then i place 3 coals around the outer edge of the bowl. I have AF natural coals and diamante jap coals.

I make sure the coals are fully lit before placing them on the bowl. (at least 10 minutes on the burner)

I have not had a pleasant smoke with strong flavor, no tingle, and lots of smoke for a while now.

Is it the coals or is there a special way to pack the bowl with AF tobacco?

I used to use coconaras and i never had a bad smoke with them so maybe i just need to go buy some more of those?

Any help would be great. Thank you
coconaras have to burn WAY too hot for AF, AF has that tiny little baby cut that will, no matter what and without fail, smoke harsh.

There's people that smoke it, but then more people that say they have problems with it. In my experience, it's impossible to smoke. Any flavor. They taste good for awhile, but then the smoke dies down and you get that lovely tingle and you add another coal and you get a mouthful of pain.

People will tell you there methods, but it never works.

Good Luck.

I would recommend not smoking AF. That's what i do.
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