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Default Re: Hookah indoors?

Originally Posted by Pete View Post
Would buying a windcover, despite the fact that the plan is to do the majority of my smoking indoors, alleviate this problem? The area in which I intend to smoke is carpeted.
This problem is best alleviated by having a good grip with your tongs on the coals lol. Wind covers are more for temperature control then they are anything else. It's always a good idea to buy or make a windcover. They can concentrate the coals heat causing you to have to use fewer coals per session saving money =D.

But with ashy coals I generally take the coals down from the bowl, tap them in the tray to get the fragile ash off of them then I take the bowl off and gently tap the ash on the foil into the tray. Replace the coals and your good to keep on truckin!

One plus about smoking outdoors for me is enstead of moving around the coals and taking off the bowl I can just blow on the bowl until all the ash is gone
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