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Default Re: OK I finally decided to watch some HP vids

Yes DEE's video was very close to what I would say to be the way to pack a bowl only needed about 20% more tobacco and it would have been dead on to what I have been taught by my old egyptian freinds.along with slightly larger holes.

I have read some posts by hookah lounge owners about arabic men coming into there lounges and getting a bit upset about how the bowls were packed and hookahs set up. I believe I would fall into that catigory of customer.

he great vids and info here at HP no hard feelings guys.It was really late and I was super tired.I was at the point were every thing seemed funny.

I'm not gonna lie guys I get a kick outta gitting a rise from people sometimes.
Its my damn finlander blood.Although a bit rude I would't consider my post to be trolling.Ohh well take it however you like and enjoy your shisha the way you like it.
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