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Default Re: Help with AF tobacco....

Originally Posted by mybrohshi5 View Post
As soon as i start smoking i get a tingle in the back of my throat and there is hardly any smoke at all. I try taking one of the coals off but it doesnt go away. So next i tried starting with two coals. Same problem.

I pack my bowl like i always do (lightly sprinkling it in). I use HD foil with 2 to 3 rows of cirlces with holes evenly spaced apart. then i place 3 coals around the outer edge of the bowl.

I have not had a pleasant smoke with strong flavor, no tingle, and lots of smoke for a while now.
Honestly your dilemma is exactly identical to the situation i have now. I bought 3 250g tubs of AF after reading so many great reviews, and the past 2 or 3 attempts ive made at smoking it have been terrible.

I have been meaning to try this but i havent gotten a chance to have a session recently, but try splitting the coals in half. Try out 3 half-pieces of your coals, making 1.5 coals in total, and pack your bowl just as you have and do everything else the same and see if it helps.

I see people saying to put on 3 coals, but in my first couple sessions i noticed the shisha was very heat-sensitive and easy to burn, so try it out with half-coals

And also, depending on the tobacco, the case may be that 1 coal is not enough heat, and 2 is too much, so 1 and a half might be perfect. You might want to add in a windcover to experiment with finding the right amount of heat, but definitely it is better to start off with too little heat and add more than start with too much and burn the bowl

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