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Default Re: KM Black Pear?

Originally Posted by boomhauer
Originally Posted by daedra
a part of me wants to buy one right now! but i do need to save my money for the time being so i can buy more RAM and possibly add a 500gb harddrive... another thing that stops me is that ill get the black pear KM, and ill have the stargate, which do i smoke out of?! too many decisions.. and even once i decide which nargila to smoke, i still have to decide the shisha.
500gb hdd? not too expensive, mine was 50 at frys.
i was looking at the internal 500gb hdd they are selling at microcenter, youre right, not too expensive at all. i would get a external but i have enough crap on my desk heh... next check i get im going to get the harddrive and 2gb of RAM.

THEN... i will begin to think about a black pear KM.
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