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Default Re: Bowl Comparison

Clay - standard brown (terra cotta like) clay bowl, most popular, cheapest, comes glazed & unglazed. Hand made and thus can vary in size wildly. Can hold bwt 10 - 45g of tobacco.

Ceramic - modern style, often white in color, normally glazed. Slightly more pricey than standard clay. Typiaclly machine made so tends to be more uniform in shape & size. Can hold bwt 15g - 50g.

Funnel - large ceramic specialy bowl, similar to a troft with a sinle center hole. Pricey and harder to locate. Uses more tobacco than most bowls. Often used inconjuction with a Mod (device that fits over center single hole to help w/ airflow). Can hold bwt 25 - 75g of tobacco

Multi-head - typically made from ceramic and has 2-4 smaller heads. Normally glazed. Used for "mixing" flavors although most users don't recommend - uses 2-4 times as much coal as a single head bowl and harder to "heat manage". Can be costly.

Glass (bowl or phunnel) - made from heat resistance glass, typically clear or colored glass. Most costly and harder to locate. Often comes w/ a glass screen, but not always - can be used w/ foil. Tends to "overheat" tobacco, so caution is a must. Can hold bwt 10 - 35g of tobacco


Personally I prefer standard clay "egpytian" style bowls. I have had both a Glass bowl & Phunnel, although nice, they are too costly (both in item & tobacco use) and effort to set-up & smoke.

daedra, stop being so negative - not everyone likes phunnels. I don't.
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