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Default Re: battle of the trimetals

Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
Have you seen my review of the OG? I love the pipe. The welds around the hose port and the urge valves are a little sloppy, but it is a great pipe. Thats the one i would go with. I have never been a big fan of the other tri-metal designs though.

But you have to remember... all KMs smoke the same. Or atleast consistantly enought that i am not a dumbass for making such a blanket statement.
Yea, the welds on most of the OG Trimetals are like that I've seen.
From personal experience with the OG Trimetal, I can tell you that it'll smoke as well as just any other KM. Like Killer said, you can't expect it to have the prettiest looking welds, but if you can around the welds it is a beautiful hookah.
I too do not care for the looks any of the other trimetals either, so my opinion is biased upon the appearance.

Like I said though, great and beautiful hookah once you get around the quality of the welds in the case that you too get one with sloppy welds
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