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Default Why let me get ripped off?

I joined this forum for a sense of safety and help with the ever growing world of hookah. Because of this forums rules, you guys pretty much deliberately let me get ripped off. Let me explain...

I know we don't talk about certain vendors... at least now I do, but this needs to be said so hopefully the mods wont ban me or remove my msg.

I just purchased a huge order, over $200 dollars to be exact, from Wo********* or the devils playground because you guys don't have a section on what vendors are banned and why. So instead of finding a warning from a member on this website about this vendor I thought to myself that its because it must be a new website that you guys didn't know of. So after ordering I thought I'd share the great (Fake) prices and deals with you guys by adding the vendor to the vendors section. I get a msg from a mod saying we cant talk about banned vendors. I become scared and confused... banned... why I ask myself? So I ask this mod and she replies that I should do a google search on this vendor. After hours of searching I finally turn up an amazing amount of disputes and problem postings on a couple websites. I realize I was ripped off and now had to not only dispute the charge, but cancel my debit card since this guy has my numbers now. Now I have to wait WEEKS to get a new debit card all because I was never educated from what I thought was one of the best forums on the web. I feel soo betrayed by soo many of you. I hope many of you learn from my post because if I'm not banned after this then it prolly wont matter because I don't plan on visiting this forum anymore anyway.