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Default Re: Why let me get ripped off?

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
It would NOT be advertising for them. I understand we don't talk crap about other forums or vendors or whatever but my god, world hookah DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A CONTACT OR LOCATION AREA I just got screwed with no one to let my bank talk to! How many more members are you going to just let get ripped off and sit by and watch!? Do you mods enjoy it?! It sickens me, I cant believe it after spending soo much time with you guys in the chat area, putting up videos for you guys, hanging out on stickam with many of you that you'd let people who may be considered as friends down like this. I hope you guys feel ashamed of yourselves!
i'm sorry and i rarely get angry at people, but i dont feel sorry for someone who can't even look up different vendors to see if they are authentic or not. Am i supposed to feel bad for you when you hear about a hookah flavor, order said flavor, then smoke the flavor and find out u dont like the flavor? Is it then our fault as well because we didn't tell you it was a good flavor or that you didnt do your homework and look up reviews on it?? tell me..should i feel ashamed then?