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Default Re: Why let me get ripped off?

Are you on the same site jemmay? The only word that looks like contact is catalog? Theres no number or address or anything anywhere, I did do research on google, youtube, yahoo, everything! The guy came up clean. Yes I pressed enter. Once again, this guy looks as authentic as possible and has sooo many reviews saying he is. I do my homework, it was clean. Only after I got the msg after placing the order from a mod here that hes banned did I spend close to 3 hours digging for something bad through all the B/S saying hes the best did I finally pair off the name of the site with rip off did a website called ripoffs come up with bad reviews, it wasn't easy at all. So it could have happened to any of you and I'm saying this now so that it wont. So don't treat me like I didn't do my homework.