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Default Re: Why let me get ripped off?

Im sorry but thread usually dont get me angry and this has, its YOUR own fault from buying from them, theys numerous youtube videos about how bad they are etc, why not look.

You could easily have emailed any long standing HP member and asked them about them and they would have told you they honest truth but you didnt, i have had at least 4 people email me about them and i tell them everytime not to do business they even tho the prices are low.

So why didnt you email anyone?

They must be a reason why no one talks about them, and they are not active on HP, any question you should ask yourself is why not

Please dont go around bashing members for not telling you they are not a realiable vendor, when you didnt even try looking

EDIT: i could find at least 10 threads on another site why they are crap from one google search and it wasnt hard

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