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Default Re: Why let me get ripped off?

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
Jemmy, I have tried looking up the site with both IE and Firefox and know they both have flash plugins, can you please give me the number? I need to supply it to my bank. I didn't ask because I thought that any and all vendors that you guys know of are listed on this site. After doing my research and placing my order did I want everyone to know of the prices and deals did I submit the vendor to the area because I figured it must have been a new vendor that just came up that maybe you guys didn't know of yet. How was I susposed to know? Once again, I'm not blaming you guys! Its my fault! What I'm saying is this all could have been avoided and can be avoided in the future for anyone else if a banned vendors area is put up so that people know to stay away from them.<br>

actually, you were blaming us. if i remember correctly

"we should be ashamed of ourselves"