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Question Egyptian hookah a little hard to smoke...

I just bought my own hookah about a week ago, and I like it, but I've noticed a few things about that are different from the ones I usually smoke at my local hookah bar.

For one, to take a drag from mine seems to be a lot more laboring and generally kind of harder than the other ones I'm used to smoking. It really takes a lot more effort, and it offers the same amount of smoke, if even a little less. I don't know if this is because my hose is much wider through-out, compared to the smaller, narrower hoses from the bar.

The other thing I noticed is that the smoke is a lot drier and more sparse than the smoke from the lounge hookahs. At first I attributed this to the really crappy coals the guy from the smoke shop gave me, and the fact that I was smoking some cheaper tobacco (Hookah-Hookah, it's no good.) But I bought some better coals and Starbuzz, and while it is a little better, it's still pretty "dry" and the clouds aren't as thick I don't think. I would say the smoke from the other hookahs I've used before was almost like a mist, and it had a lot more flavor.

So is there anything I might be doing wrong? I've tried changing the amount of tobacco I pack the bowl with and other things, but is there anything else I might need to know?

I found this image in a post at the top of the board
My hookah looks almost identical to the green one, I think, at the very least, the vase is identical.

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