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Originally Posted by sammniamii
He isn't bad mouthing Phunnels, just all other types of bowls. Plus disliking something and calling it lame, worthless and stupid are slightly different.

And I'll agree the glass/metal cup mod was a pain - not overly helpful and hard to clean. But everytime I tried smoking my Phunnel without, never fail - the foil would be pulled too far down and it would be hard to smoke.

You're little bent bar looks better, takes up less space and would be easier to clean. But still - phunnels require alot of tobacco to work right, so I don't like them as IMO i conside it a waste of tobacco.
personally i dont mind using the tobacco, i got enough as it is so using a little more isnt going to kill me. so i go from 10g bowl to 15 isnt bad. i have weighed it before and done that much very often, i pack more sometimes but not always ofcourse. as for cleanup there is none. needed on what i made. it does not touch the tobacco at all unless you pack way above the bowls capacity. it sits in the funnel bowl's hole and then angles above the tobacco. i used to have one made out of aluminum foil to test the concept and it worked alright but the foil kept bending down and touching the tobacco. made one out of metal after a week of testing to see how it works and it was great. havent had a burned bowl since, it might go a bit harsh but thats just too much heat and not tobacco touching foil. too much heat is corrected quickly and the bowl continues. no increase in smoke or taste that i noticed because lemonade gives huge clouds as it is haha. smoked it well past the without flavor stage and still had a good ammount of clouds, i should have added glycerine and kept it smoking but i decided not to (last part a joke between me and someone else)

as for him badmouthing other bowls i agree multiheads are crap, if they are not packed perfectly the same as the other then you get too much of one flavor than the other. why have multiple heads when you can just repack or mix the flavors then put it in a regular bowl. as for badmouthing the regular bowls most people agree funnel bowls are better. i like egyptian bowls myself but dont use it very often. looved my mod bowl because i could pack 10g of a tobacco and have it smoke great for hours.
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