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Originally Posted by daedra
Originally Posted by boomhauer
as for him badmouthing other bowls i agree multiheads are crap, if they are not packed perfectly the same as the other then you get too much of one flavor than the other. why have multiple heads when you can just repack or mix the flavors then put it in a regular bowl. as for badmouthing the regular bowls most people agree funnel bowls are better. i like egyptian bowls myself but dont use it very often. looved my mod bowl because i could pack 10g of a tobacco and have it smoke great for hours.
multiheads are total crap! i think i would buy one just to show ppl and have them go, "oooo ahhhh".. i like egyptian bowls too but i dont like blowing the ash out and getting shisha juice in my mouth, bleck haha. sorry if i come off negative but when it comes to products, i can be as negative or as positive about an item as i want to be.
we all have our person opinion on a product. the juices getting into your mouth is a bad point of it i do have to admit.
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