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Default Re: Egyptian hookah a little hard to smoke...

First of all, the link you posted is for a Magdy Zidan. Is that the same brand you purchased, or was it a generic, Chinese-made Egyptian knock-off? Second, have you checked for leaks? When I first got my MZ and smoked from it the first time the pull was really weird and I wasn't getting much smoke. When I went to purge I noticed a ton of smoke was escaping between the bottom of the chamber and the top of the base. I posted about it here and was told with the heavy rubber grommets you should always dampen them first. It makes them easier to insert all the way down onto the base and form a perfect seal.

You also may be having trouble with heat management, base water level, bowl packing or any combination of those. Don't forget, the folks at the hookah lounge set up hookahs day in and day out. They could probably do it blindfolded. When you get your own and it's all on you to figure everything out sometimes it takes trial and error. I had quite a few wasted sessions because of incorrect bowl packing or heat management and I really had to experiment with how high the water should be in my base. I found approximately 1" above the opening of the downstem works perfect for me. Good pull, good smoke and good flavor.

Also make sure you aren't packing your shisha too tightly and not poking enough holes in your foil. I've done that with Nakhla before and it makes the draw extremely tight. Just watch some of the how-to videos around here. Every type of tobacco requires different ratios of heat/bowl packing. Eventually you have that "ah ha!" moment where it clicks.

ETA: The best way to know for certain you have an authentic MZ is if the tray has the globe logo stamped into it and if you pull back the top of the rubber base grommet it says "MAGDY ZIDAN" along the top.

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