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Default Curious about...


I tried some a week or so back and really it was less than stellar. (Mango flavor) I mean it was smokable, not bad, but nothing I'd spend money on. Flavor was dull and died out rather quickly.

I found a nearby vendor that has loads of the stuff, and I must admit that I'm curious. It has such a good rep around here that I'm wondering if that first bowl wasn't a fluke.

My predicament is, I'm very short on both cash and tobacco this week. I'm only going to be buying one 250 of tobacco, and I had my heart set on some AF mint, but then came across this massive cache of nakhla and curiosity is making me wonder.... Should I take the plunge?

Also, if anyone has recommendations on what flavor, I'm all ears. I've heard DA and sweet melon, but I hate every melon flavored tobacco I've tried and anise makes me retch... I'm leaning toward pistachio.
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