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Default Re: Help with AF tobacco....

Originally Posted by mybrohshi5 View Post
Could you maybe tell me how you set up your AF. I havent heard back from anyone how they set it up exactly and maybe that would help me have a better smoke =)

thank you
Sure thing. I have a 36" MZ, standard Egyptian bowl, one layer of HD foil, lots of little pinholes, Razan hose. I sprinkle the shisha into the bowl and lightly tamp it down. I don't pack it, per se, but I do give it a slight pat down. I make sure it's below the rim. I use two ******* Hookah natural coals placed on the edge of either side of the bowl. For the first eight minutes or so I put my wind cover over the bowl and then take it off once it gets going. I rotate the coals every ten minutes or so and once they shrink down I push them closer toward each other.

Just bear in mind there has been nothing I can do that eliminates the throat tickle/soap taste when smoking AF caffe latte (which is a shame because taste-wise it's my favorite AF flavor). But I've found this method works well with peach and honey. The method yields nice, dense clouds with the honey, but for some reason the clouds are a bit sparse with the peach using the same method.
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