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Default So, My Mya QT Arrived Today

...and I really like it. A HUGE thank you to John. He's truly the best vendor out there and he always takes great care of us Hookah Pro members. Anyway, I'm really impressed with this little hookah. I was able to easily set it up on my coffee table. My Razan hose fit perfectly in the hose port. I dare say it fits better than it does on my MZ. With my MZ if I don't use either two grommets or a damp piece of paper towel it wobbles a bit in the hose port. I haven't tried smoking with the stock Mya hose it came with. I'm definitely going to do a video review on this one!

And the clouds -! I got just as good clouds and flavor. The pull using the stock Mya bowl was a bit tight, but once I switched to my Vortex it was just as effortless as with my Egyptian made hookah. Everything easily comes apart for easy cleaning and I can clean it in the sink!

Anyway, just wanted to share about how pleased I am with this little hookah. I will say the smoke isn't quite as smooth as with my MZ. It's not harsh, by any stretch of the imagination, but you can tell it's definitely warm whereas my MZ has such a long stem (36") it never gets that way unless I stupidly burn my shisha.

LOL Edited because when I was looking at my original post I put that John takes great care of us "hooker pro" members.
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