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Default Re: Curious about...

How are you packing your tobacco? I've found that in my personal experience (since everyone has their own "way" and their own preferences) in order to get a strong flavor from most Nakhla you have to lightly pack it down rather than lightly sprinkle the tobacco into the bowl. With my Egyptian bowls I use a toothpick or large safety pin to poke holes, and above where the holes in the bowl are I drive the pin or toothpick straight through to make a little passageway for the air flow. I don't poke as many holes with Nakhla as I would something like Hookah Hookah or AF either. I usually do a three-ring configuration. And I only use one layer of heavy duty foil with Nakhla.

The Mizo line is a scoche more temperamental with heat than other Nakhla lines such as regular and Fakhfakhina since it is much juicier. From my observances, Sheherazade falls in between Mizo and regular in terms of how dry it is. Most Nakhla lines, however, you can get away with three regular size natural coals without burning it. I tend to use two coals and a wind cover with Mizo.

I've also had tremendous success using my Vortex bowl to smoke Nakhla. With that said, I've been very fortunate to have yet to have a bad session with any of the Nakhla lines/flavors I've tried. If you want a flavor that is pretty dang potent I'd recommend Sheherazade Cinnamon. Even as a mixer it packs a serious bite. That and Sheherazade Chocomint, although the name is misleading because the chocolate flavor just isn't really that strong.
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