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Default Re: my hookah has a funny taste

Originally Posted by blinkypinkyinky View Post
clyde cudnt fit into the name i wanted to add him but cudnt
my hose tasted a bit funny (washable one)
tried baking soda didnt work and was pissed off with constantly washing it out
so i decided to pour listerine down it and shake it about
they amount of soot which came out gave me a shock
taste has gone now i have the taste of listerine :/
its better than the other taste but its alright wen im smoking my mint
are you sure your hose is washable? i've never had soot come out of any of my washable hoses..
sometimes people advertise the hoses as washable when they're not. just be careful. if it has any wooden pieces on it, it's probably not washable
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