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Default A few newbie questions

Hi there,
I couldn't see a guide or a newbie question section, if I didn't look hard enough. Sorry! =]
Anyway, I'm really new to the whole hookah scene so to speak and I have a few questions that i hope you could answer!

1. On many videos I've seen people use ice blocks alone, ice blocks with water or just water. Is it necessary? Every time I have used my hookah I have only used room temperature tap water. What are the benefits of using cold water or ice ?

2. Tobacco/herb, Does it need to be cold? I've heard of it being stored in the fridge, So far I've hidden my stash in a very warm draw so my mum can't see , if so, what are the benefits?

3. Herbal sisha? Correct me if thats not its real name, I've heard many mixed feelings about the topic, some say that it's more risky then smoking the tobacco, some go as far as saying its actually healthy to smoke. The way I look at it is, if your inhaling smoke, you are leaving a deposit in your lungs and I personally think that it is outweighed by the taste and clouds, thus why I smoke. But I'd be lying if I wasn't worried about my safety. It'd be great if somebody could help me fill in the blanks =]

4. Cleaning; When it comes time for me to clean i normally just blow into the hose and wash the mouth piece, then submerge the entire thing (disassembled) into a sink with water and detergent, give it a bit of a scrub, rinse and reassemble. Am i doing it wrong?

It's great to meet everybody and I hope that I can learn a lot from this community, by the way I live in Australia so some of my terminology might be a bit hard to understand, Sorry! =]

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