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Originally Posted by daedra
Originally Posted by HookahMaster
Basically what others have said is true in the description of the bowls and what they do. I prefer smokng from a Tangier's phunnel most of the time. But you can get the same qualtiy smoke out of a regular deep clay/ceramic bowl as long as you pack it right. In my opinion, one should always practice on stock bowls first and get that skill down first before moving on to a phunnel...but like I said, that's my opinion...

And for those of you who think that a scalli glass mod is "worthless" or "useless", think again cause you're dead wrong. I've found that mod to be very helpful in preventing the foil from being sucked down. And don't tell me to stretch the foil tight, cause I've been there done that and it still got sucked down. I also poked a big hole in the center like you're "supposed" to and that didn't help either.

So it's not a placebo effect at all. It's actually helpful and functional. Also, it keeps the coals from moving closer to each other and staying constantly together in the center. Once again, don't say that it's because you have to strecth the foil tight, because trust me it couldn't have been tighter. And yet, the colas (because of their weight) still saged down towards the center every few puffs.

Obviously this was annoying because I had to keep on seperating them every few hits. The mod is very useful at preventing all this, and I recommend it to anyone considering the purchase of a phunnel.
how come this problem has never happened to me? i smoke with a funnel constantly and yet ive never had any of that happen.
i have a slight sag sometimes but i dont make sure my foil is absolutely tight and know its a bit loose, thats why i made my 10 cent mod. better than spending almost 7 bucks on it, quick trip to the garage (for some of you to the home depot) and find a piece of metal which fits into your bowl perfectly, an L-bracket and then you put that in there and you got the perfect funnel. we bought many of these years ago and it was 10 cents so might now it might be a little more. works perfectly on preventing the foil touching
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