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Default A New Smoking Technique

I was in the very friendly town of Tataouine fairly recently and found out a couple of things. One, the locals laughed when they saw I planned on using an AF healthy hose. Apparently a lot more people then I thought view leather as the only worth while hose material for reasons of taste rather then anything else.

I was also told that I was smoking my narghile wrong all these years which came as a bit of a surprise. The method I was told to be a better a way is a variant on my "cigar style" in which I never inhale but use the movement of my tongue and checks to create a shallow draw and slowly release it for maximum taste.

Basically the "Tataouine method" is a series of short, shallow "cigar style" draws made in rapid secession before holding the final draw for several seconds before releasing. They also feel that one should stop every 15 minutes or so and not draw on the hose at all for about 5 minutes to "strengthen the flavour". The crazy thing is that the new method worked great for me although it took a while to get it right.

What is so cool about all of this is all the new stuff one can learn about narghile stuff even when you've been at it as long as I have.

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