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Default Re: Bowl Comparison

Originally Posted by HookahMaster
Originally Posted by daedra
how come this problem has never happened to me? i smoke with a funnel constantly and yet ive never had any of that happen.
perhaps its because your phunnel bowl's center hole sits higher and flush with the rim? I read once somewhere that there were small differences between different people's phunnels due to them being hand made. My phunnel's center hole sits about 1/8ths of an inch below the actual rim. The weight of the coals will inevitably sag down the foil on my phunnel for this reason. With the salli mod, it levels the foil out so that it sits flush with the rim and prevents the possibility of sagging.

I've looked at my phunnel from the side with the mod in, and noticed that it sits perfectly flush with the height of the rim. I suspect, this is the reason why some people don't need the mod and yet others like me do...
thats the problem with the mod. you have people who say, "if you buy a funnel bowl, you MUST buy the mod!". reality is, most people dont need the mod because their funnel bowl is fine the way it is. what is the ratio? 1 out of every 10 funnel bowls needs the mod for it to work fine? thats definitely no reason for these people to go around saying, "if you buy a funnel bowl, you MUST buy the mod!"
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