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Default Another Blue Mist failure

So yesterday I decided to try the legendary starbuzz blue mist and came out disappointed. I thought that when people said it tasted "chemical" it was more like how they sometimes criticize sodas or lemonades that are all artificial and don't have a natural taste. But here, it means it tastes phunky for the lack of another word. It's not the hose, its not the hookah, but its the blue mist alright. So my friend gave me a sample of blue mist and now I'm scared. I love low buzz flavorful shishas and wanted to order some White Peach from starbuzz. So my question is, to all blue mist haters and can't handle Nakhla too well, should I give White Peach a try? Or should I order some HH 7 spice and root beer that I've been wanting to try. (BTW, tried lucid tangiers, first times it wasn't as strong some people make it seem to be, but as time moves on, you realize it made a mind trick on you and you suddenly crave lucid horchata.... lol)
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