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Default herro, i think i might be having some stem problems

I'm new to this forum (love it already) seems like a very friendly and welcoming group of people here.

anyways i think the stem on my hookah is having problems, a couple weeks ago i cleaned it out and after i let it dry it took it for another run.
but it seemed like when taking a hit it was like there was air bubbles or something going into the hose valves, i dont quite know how to describe it aside from that, but for a couple days there was these air bubbles or something, and you could feel them through the hose.
that eventually went away but now it seems like from one of the valves (its a 3 hose stem) is leaking.
i checked all the bearings and dismantled all i could and reassembled it but it still leaks. does anyone have an idea what might be the problem?

sorry for the long post
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