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Default Re: A few newbie questions

Welcome, and your right, I don't think there is a Newbie FAQ here.... hum...

But anyways, several memebers already gave lots of good advice, but hey, figured I throw in my .02

1. If the smoke seems harsh or the flavor weak, cold water &/or ice can help cool it down and bring out more flavor. Downside - too much cold kills the taste completely.

2. Tobacco should be kept in a cool place, but not neceassary in the fridge. Fridge's tend to draw out any moisture it can, if your tobacco isn't in a 100% air-tight container, it may dry out and become useless. A Drawer is a good place, but if it's too warm, look for a cooler place (like in the back of your closet or under your bed).

3. Smoking anything is possibly dangerious. Herbal hookah matierals are typically made from sugar cane mulch, which no-one really knows if it's any safer than tobacco to smoke. Alot have tried Soex (herbal) and dislike it alot. Some have smoked it and found it acceptible. It's up to personal taste.

4. Don't use dish soap as it could leave a residue that may get harmful when warmed up (release vapors). I tend to use warm lemon juice, hot water, sometimes baking soda to clean my hookah. Check inside your stem & make sure no gunk is building up, but other than that, you got it nailed.
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