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Default Hookah Vid Technical Support

Ok this is hookah related somewhat so forgive me if this doesn't belong in this section and feel free moving it. My issue is youtube videos streaming through youtube via this site and youtube in general. No matter what quality I set them to, it buffers like every two seconds and if I set it to pause, it won't continue loading the rest. It isn't my internet connection because my download / upload is @ 25/5 and that's like 2.4 megs a second downloading stuff which is extremely fast. I am on a quadcore and 4 gigs of ram with windows 7. This happens both in IE and Firefox. I am thinking maybe the newest flash updates / activex plug-ins have an issue with windows 7.

Does this mean I need to install a Windows XP virtual machine on my comp and pray that the newest flash doesn't affect that either? LOL any feedback about experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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