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Default Re: what can i do to improve my hookah?!

Hookah: KM ice from anywhere you can find for under $100. I think hookah john sells them. i say a KM ice cause i love the ice chamber up top. It really cools the smoke and makes my sessions really smooth and enjoyable.

Bowl: get a large egyptian (holds 20-25g of tobacco) or a small phunnel bowl. When i bought my first hookah i was barley getting any smoke and i thought it was the hookah but it was actually the tiny bowl it came with. i purchased a $6 large egyptian bowl soon after and it changed everything. Lots of smoke now and great flavor. i use 3 coals around the outside edge of the bowl and if you manage the heat right you will get large clouds with nice flavor

Hose: Namor, Razan, Km anything that is a wider gauge then the stock hose that comes with the hookah (unless the hookah already comes with one like this) The wider gauge hose will make it easier to pull and will give you more smoke =) Make sure you know if its a washable one or not cause if its not you cannot run water through it or it will rust. i like my Namor hose cause its washable and i can clean it out if the smoke starts to taste funny from it.

Tobacco: i have found that certain tobaccos are much more enjoyable and easy to smoke compared to others. my experience is that the wet juicy drippy tobaccos are the easiest for beginners like me to smoke and get big clouds and lots of tasty flavor. My two personal favorites are Star Buzz and Fantasia.

Coals: i use coconara natural hookah coals and have found them to be the easiest to use and i would not use any other coal.

Foil: use 1 layer of heavy duty or 2 layers of just normal foil. (shiny side down) i use the hole pattern many people use. i take a toothpick or push pin and poke about 12-16 holes on the outermost circle, 8-10 holes on the next circle in, and 4-6 holes on the final third circle closest to the middle and then i put 1 hole a little bigger then the rest in the very middle.

Hope this helps =)

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