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Default Re: what can i do to improve my hookah?!

late to the thread but heres my 2 cents.

go with a small phunnel or small vortex, i have 5 bowls, i only use my phunnel its so good(my vortex is a large and just to much fro one or two people)

coals, if your ganna go QL go with CH, best QL's period, get nats if you can light them.

shisha is really up to what you like, ive found atleast one flavor with every brand ive tried that i like, but if your into budget Nak is the cheapest.

Hookah: i own 3, one home made (milk carton FTW) a 24" myan 4 hose (which i often lend out) and my 34" KM chiller(ice) i personaly refuse to smoke out of anything not of atleast KM quality anymore, km's arent to bad and all smoke great (prices start at 90, my chiller cost me 110 i beilve from john)when packing with a standered bowl make sure your not clogging the holes, make sure your foil is tight to prevent it to sag and burn the shisha make sure all your grommets fit tight and you have no leaks, one small leak can ruin your drag.

hose: hands down my best hose was a Razan, the KM hose that came with my KM is also wonderful just to short for me, i need legth so dogs dont tip my hookah over and so everyone in the room can smoke.

other then that maintnce, keep everything clean, after a few session give it a good cleaning, wipe the gunk out of the puge bearing, clean the down stem, un gunk your bowl, if your hose is washable wash it, a good though cleaning of the base, baking soda and lemon juice help remove old falvors. avoid leaving water in the hookah when not in use.
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