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Default Re: Shopping Advice Needed

Originally Posted by christhered View Post
blue rain in jm's
Thanks Chris, have you tried the JM's RedBull like flavour?

Originally Posted by DreadRaven View Post
ive heard good things about JM's Dr. Soda. my big test with any brand is their grape flavor, so if it were me id pick up a tin of grape. ive also heard that JM's blue rain is similar to SB blue mist, but with less mist.

whatever JM's you decide to pick up, please write reviews or do some vids. im interested to see whats up
I'll have a look at Grape, tried AF but it's not consistent anymore.

Originally Posted by abzy786 View Post
hey imran
i see you are making an order from the US. i am in need for a new hose and wondering if i could come in on it.
PM me
i live in the UK
Sure, I'll drop you a pm

Any other flavours/brands to look at, I am mostly an AF smoker so I'll pick up AF2.
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