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Default Re: A New Smoking Technique

It's pretty wild to find out that people dig my stories and it's funny to think of me reading a book to people a library like you see in the cinema.

Anyway, some points:

1) Forgot to say that Tatooine is a governate/city in Southern Tunisia.

2) I don't know who that monster guy in the pictures is but it's pretty crazy to see him smoking.

3) I was smoking a black a local black moassel called Shh 'el-beled which great stuff but the method works seemly well with anything.

As to the "Tatooine method" the trick is to not use your lungs to inhale which is tough for those of you that have smoked cigarettes. Also, I thought that getting down the rapid, short draws was fairly tricky and takes some practice.

As to the leather hoses bit of the story was funny. I go into the narghile cafe with the shop steward from one the plants my firm manages up north and the guy behind the counter says “everyone here has to smoke” , I say “that’s what I’m here for” and the guy behind the counter says “no cigarettes, here we smoke with these” as he gestures to the narghiles sitting on the shelf. After a bit of verbal gymnastics I convince him (via the shop steward who translated) that we know how to use a narghile and that is what we are here for.

We take a seat, order some coffee, pine nuts and dates and the guy behind the counter brings us a narghile and proceeds to set it up. After setting the rig up he leaves to fill the bowl and while he’s doing that I open up by brief case and pull out an AF healthy hose and proceed to plug it in. A bunch of guys hanging out at the next couple of tables stop, stare and proceed to ask “what is that thing you have” pointing my hose. My explanation about the hose resulted in a mixture of laughter and puzzled looks from the patrons and annoyance from the guy behind the counter. I was told in no uncertain terms that a plastic hose is not suitable for smoking and that leather is the only option.

After putting on the leather hose and smoking for a bit. The patrons proceed to lecture me, in the nicest possible way, about the correct way to smoke which is what I described at the start of the thread.

Oh, by the way, the locals are right about leather hoses being better but since you can't wash them you'd one for every flavour and given that a decent leather hose is about 25 U.S. (plus shipping) i'd need to spend a couple of thousand on hoses. Bottom line: I'll stick with my nammour washable.

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