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Default Re: Huge Zagloul Success!!!

Here's what I do with my Zaghloul and Salloum Plain;

I do NOT add honey or molasses. It's already got molasses in it. That's why it's black.

First, I take the whole 250g package and break it up as much as possible into a ziploc container. Then I start adding glycerine a little at a time and mixing it around until the moassel just starts looking shiny. Then I seal the container and pop it in the microwave on high for about a minute.
I do this on my personal opinion (take it for what it's worth....opinions and assholes and whatnot) that, over time, the sugars in the molasses crystalize and that's what makes the shisha dry and hard. Adding glycerine and heat helps dissolve the sugars and return it to it's original state.

After all that, I I give it another good mix, maybe add another touch of glycerine if I think it needs it and let it sit overnight and settle down; because let's face it. If somebody broke YOU into a bunch of little pieces, covered you with slimy goop and hit you with a big dose of radiation, you'd be ready to take a break, too.
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