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Originally Posted by daedra
thats the problem with the mod. you have people who say, "if you buy a funnel bowl, you MUST buy the mod!". reality is, most people dont need the mod because their funnel bowl is fine the way it is. what is the ratio? 1 out of every 10 funnel bowls needs the mod for it to work fine? thats definitely no reason for these people to go around saying, "if you buy a funnel bowl, you MUST buy the mod!"
I never said he MUST purchase the mod with the phunnel. I said I RECOMMEND it, for the reasons I posted above. Imagine he ends up being that one in ten and ends up getting frustrated and pissed because of all the annoying reasons I posted above... I'm just trying to save him the headaches and frustration. C'mon, it's only $5. Five bucks never killed anyone, and I'd rather purchase it together and avoid the chance of being that one in ten...
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