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Default Re: Lighting coals in microwave ovens?

Originally Posted by ajax0000 View Post
yeah you can pick up a second hand one pretty cheap or a budget on, it will def work, i tried it out once for like 30 seconds, but not sure what sort of damage it would do to the microwave and as its a pretty expensive one id rather not find out lol

it would be good to see if someone uses a cheap microwave to heat coal with regularly and see how long it last, or if there are any problems. my only problem is that they take up quite alot of space, especailly getting another one!!!
physics 101, a microwave heats things bys shaking the water molecules in it very fast causing heat, now you might be able to heat a coal up in a microwave but i would be willing to bet you could not safely and reliably light coals in a microwave

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